Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happy to be published again in the Ottawa Citizen …

Thanks go to Robbi Hay, editor of the Ourtown section of the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, for using my work once again.


Get your copy tomorrow (Thursday, 1 Dec) to see what’s shaking in our city and environs over the next week and beyond … the holiday season is approaching and we can all use the break :-)

By the way … I shot these squirrels at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden with my micro-four-thirds bodies and lenses.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Panasonic G6, G7 and GX85 Shootout in Low Light at 12800 ISO

I’ll be picking up the G85 shortly and selling off the G6 and the G7, since I am again consolidating down to a small set of cameras. Before I do that, though, I would like to see how different they really are at high ISO. I chose 12800 because that really stretches a sensor and is what you need to shoot in really dark venues.

This might actually be a little silly when you consider the size of the sensors, but I’ve never been shy about capturing images in the dark at extreme ISOs. I’d rather get one decent image in an evening than not try. And yes, I could just bounce a flash, but these three are all superb at lower ISOs, so there is little point in that exercise.

I crafted an animated GIF and I think it is clear that the G6 is the worst by quite a bit, yet not completely horrible. I think the G6 sensor – which is the most refined version of the GH2 sensor ever shipped in a camera – is amazing in good light and adequate in low light. Shadows are where it suffers, but nothing like the blue channel poison of the old GH2. It was a just horrid in shadows.

The G7, on the other hand, is much cleaner. The shadows are quite clean and the brighter areas (this is pretty low light) are very clean for such an elevated ISO.

The GX85 looks very similar to the G7. I think the G7 eeks out a slight victory, but it is hard to really see a difference, and the G7 should be very slightly softer, owing to its AA filter.

Anyway … you be the judge.


Note: Same settings in camera, same settings in Lightroom.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Super Moon

That great big glorious shining ball in the sky today is apparently a Super Moon. It is supposed to be the brightest moon we’ve had in 70 years.

Although I cannot confirm that for obvious reasons, I can confirm that the sky is very brightly lit tonight.

We were blessed today with a gloriously clear day and that has carried on into the evening. So here is my Super Moon image, shot on tripod with the Panasonic GX85 and Tamron 500mm Mirror lens. Manual focus and pretty close to a Luney 11 exposure, mine being 1/160s at f8 and 100 ISO.

I processed it in Lightroom along these lines …

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pot Shops Draw the Ire of Local Politicians and Residents

Apparently, Ottawa has entrepreneurs who would like to start selling Cannabis products about 6 months ahead of full recreational legalization in Canada. Since this has been happening in Vancouver forever, it is not something that should surprise anyone. And since it has been legal for people for whom Cannabis products are proscribe for pain, anxiety and several other ailments, it is a welcome relief from the “drug deal on a corner” problem that these people have.

Yet we have the usual bandwagon of politicians and residents who are coming out against the proliferation of such dispensaries, using logic worthy of a young child. For example, a city councilor (presumably a fully-grown person) says that he is not happy with this “cowboy-pirate-bandit approach that these people are taking”.

Here is the article on, and do note the misspelling of councilor … sigh. Click the picture to read the full article.


My thoughts:

Several people are up on their high horse, trying to mobilize the forces of "truth and light" (a.k.a. "luddites from the 50s") to fight a local dispensary. They cite "lollipops" and "cookies" and names like "Midnight Kush" and then close with this iron-clad, piercing analysis:

To us, it seems like it's marketed directly to youth and it's an effort to try to target our kids ultimately, which we're very concerned about, said Bergman.

As in "we think they are attacking our kids with their poison and we are concerned that this will touch off the infamous Reefer Madness that has destroyed so many otherwise good young kids."

I hope that the sarcasm was apparent in that last comment.

This appears to be some whiny parents and a sympathetic (pandering?) councilor who would say nothing at all about an LCBO (liquor store, for those not from Ontario) popping up in the same place. We had one for a decade that was a block from one elementary school and a couple of blocks from another (the one that my youngest went to).

These people need some perspective.

  • We make young people show ID for cigarettes.
  • Young people would not get 10 feet in an LCBO unless escorted by a parent.
  • And young people would not be served cannabis products without proper ID *and* papers showing they were legal. Dispensary owners do not want to go to jail, and without asking for papers (I know several people who are medically licensed) they are just drug dealers.

My point being that these very concerned people should fear what is really a danger to their kids. Their own parenting, for starters.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Amazon seller sleaze …


I was shocked by the excellent used price on the Nikon D7100 until I saw the name of the seller. It took a few moments to parse out what the seller has done … named his company “New item ***** 100% Positive” …

That takes gall of a level that may never have been seen on the planet Smile

He is simultaneously trying to convince the terminally naïve that the item is new (despite the condition already stated), that the seller has a 5 star rating (despite the Just Launched notification), and that he has 100% positive feedback (again, despite the Just Launched notification.) This is as full of shit as a seller can be.

I wonder if anyone will fall for such an obvious scam?

Friday, September 9, 2016

How to Lose Weight

The answer, of course, is that you need to change your lifestyle in one way or another. Somehow, you need to incorporate a healthier amount of activity and appropriate amounts and quality of food.

It’s not magic.

I actually wrote this short (and some would say utterly useless so far Smile) piece to introduce you to an excellent article that pretty much sums up the difficulty in getting great on-point advice on how you specifically should lose weight and become a healthier person.

The article is written by Yoni Freedhoff, the founder of the non-surgical Bariatric Medical Institute here in Ottawa. Dr. Freedhoff is an obesity expert if ever there was one.

The title says it all … click through to read it …

No Diet Works For Everyone and Every Diet Works For Someone